MobileFirst CLI v8.0.0-2016101416 released

A new MobileFirst CLI build has been released for MobileFirst Foundation 8.0.

In this release, in addition to a few important fixes, you can now also build multiple adapters with a single command. If you have a folder containing multiple adapters, use the mfpev adapter build all to build all adapters one after the other, and mfpdev adapter deploy all to deploy all adapters.

Learn more about various adapter build and deploy options in the Creating Java and JavaScript Adapters tutorial.


  • New Add mfpdev adapter build all and mfpdev adapter deploy all commands
  • Fix for wlAppId not being set in mfpclient.resw in Cordova Windows applications (APAR PI66177)
  • Fix for installing the CLI with npm v3.10.x (APAR PI69118)
  • Fix to allow a different application identifier per platform in a Cordova project


To install, run the following from command-line:

npm install mfpdev-cli

To update an existing installation:

npm update mfpdev-cli


MobileFirst CLI v8.0.0-2016101416 is compatible with all releases of IBM MobileFirst Foundation 8.0 components.

Last modified on October 21, 2016