IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Support for iOS 13

If you are an on-premise 8.0 customer or Mobile Foundation Service customer, then read further to learn about Mobile Foundation support for iOS 13.

Apple announced iOS 13 during their annual WWDC2019 conference. You can read more about all the new features in iOS 13 here.

We have been testing the iOS 13 beta with the latest being beta 3. We have verified various features of MobileFirst Platform Foundation on the iOS 13 beta 3 for MobileFirst Platform Foundation v8.0. For reference, make sure to read through our support plan for newer iOS version.

We encourage you to start testing your application(s) with iOS 13.

MobileFirst Platform Foundation Support for iOS 13(beta 3)

Existing application

Existing application(s) that were created using MobileFirst Platform v8.0 will work on iOS 13 as they did on previous versions of iOS.

Compatibility tests with iOS 13 beta 3 have been performed using an iPhone 7 that was upgraded from iOS 12.3 to iOS 13 beta 3 for MobileFirst Foundation v8.0.

For the tests, XCode 11 beta 3 was used to compile native, hybrid and Cordova apps.

Submitting application to App Store

Apps built with older Xcode(10.1 and above) can still be submitted to App Store. The minimum iOS SDK level 12.1 should be used in any newer or existing apps. Refer here for details.

Swift Apps on iOS13

Xcode 11 build can build targets written in only Swift 4.0 or above. Swift 5.0 with ABI is available since Xcode 10.2, migration tools are available with Xcode 13 as well to migrate to Swift 5.0.

As per Apple you can submit apps in Swift 4.0 to the App Store and migrate individual modules to Swift 5 when you are ready. We strongly encourage you to migrate your code to Swift 5.0.

Features that were tested for Mobilefirst Foundation (MFP) v8.0:

  • OAuth Flow
  • Invoking backend procedures through adapters
  • Challenge Handling
  • JSONStore
  • Direct Update
  • Application Management
  • Application Authenticity
  • Remote Disable
  • Device SSO
  • Push notifications
  • Certificate Pinning

We have also verified MFP based cordova, ionic and react-native apps.

All the above features were validated to work on iOS 13 beta 3.

iOS 13 compatibility tests are planned for the following:

  • Application Center
  • watchOS
  • iPadOS

We will be sharing the compatibility test results for Mobilefirst v7.1 soon.

Stay tuned for further updates.

Disclaimer: Some of the action items that are addressed in the list above are not under IBM’s control. Therefore, we expect developers and IT managers to ensure that their infrastructure is up-to-date according to Apple’s requirements.

Last modified on July 09, 2019