Apple deprecates legacy binary protocol based notifications

Apple Push Notification Service Update announced the following.

If you send push notifications with the legacy binary protocol, we recommend updating to the HTTP/2-based APNs provider API as soon as possible. You will be able to take advantage of great modern features such as authentication with a JSON Web Token, improved error messaging, and per-notification feedback.

The Apple Push Notification service (APNs) will no longer support the legacy binary protocol as of November 2020.

Starting with iFix, MobileFirst Platform v8.0 supports HTTP/2 based notifications for Apple devices.

Benefits of HTTP/2 based notifications

Moving to HTTP/2 based notifications provides various benefits, which includes the following.

  • Universal certificate support - Single certificate for development and production.
  • Instant Feedback - For any inactive tokens, feedback is provided by APNs immediately.
  • Payload size - Notification payload size increases from 2 KB to 4 KB.
  • Throughput increase - Compression helps in increasing the throughput for the notifications and reduces the need for simultaneous open connections.

Enabling HTTP/2 notifications

HTTP/2 based notifications can be enabled using a JNDI property,

    <jndiEntry jndiName="imfpush/mfp.push.apns.http2.enabled" value= '"true"'/>

For more information on proxy setup, please refer HTTP/2 APNs Push Notifications using Apache HTTP Server as Proxy.

Last modified on March 16, 2020