Logging in native Android (Java)

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Android MobileFirst Platform SDK cannot persistently capture log data until the com.worklight.common.Logger.setContext(Context) method is called.

Logging example for native Android (Java):

Outputs to LogCat

import com.worklight.common.Logger;

public class MathUtils{
    private static final Logger logger = Logger.getInstance(MathUtils.class.getName());
    public int sum(final int a, final int b){
        int sum = a + b;
        logger.debug("sum called with args " + a + " and " + b + ". Returning " + sum);

        return sum;

API calls for specific tasks

Log capture is enabled by default. To turn log capture on or off:


The default capture level is DEBUG in development and FATAL in production. To control the capture level (verbosity):

Logger.setLevel(Logger.LEVEL FATAL)

Log sending is enabled by default. To turn automatic log sending on or off:


For more information about Logger API, see the API reference in the user documentation

Last modified on November 09, 2016