Evaluate IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers

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This tutorial is not relevant any more as the ibm-mobilefirst-starter image has been discontinued and the use of this image has reached end of support. Read the announcement blog.

Consider using IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0, by using the new Mobile Foundation Bluemix service. Learn more about to the Mobile Foundation service.


This tutorial goes through the steps that you must follow to evaluate running IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers: You register an account at the Bluemix website, you create an IBM Container that contains a preconfigured, self-contained, MobileFirst Platform Foundation "Getting Started" image, you set up this image, and finally you download a sample mobile application and run it with the MobileFirst Server instance that runs inside the Container service on Bluemix.

Prerequisite: First make sure that you read the Introduction to IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers tutorial.


Registering an account on Bluemix

If you do not have an account yet, visit the Bluemix website and click Get Started Free or Sign Up button. You must first fill out a registration form before you can move to the next step.


After signing in to Bluemix, you are presented with the Bluemix Dashboard which provides an overview of the active Bluemix space. This is a work area which by default receives the name "dev". You can create multiple work areas/spaces if needed.

The next step is to add an IBM Container in the Bluemix space.

Creating an IBM Container

  1. In the Bluemix Dashboard, click Start Containers. missing_alt
  2. In the screen that display, select the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Getting Started image. missing_alt
  3. Provide a name for the container.
  4. Select Container size (memory: "Medium"), request a public IP address, assign public ports (80, 9080).
  5. Click Create to create the container. missing_alt

The Container page is then loaded.
Note: After the page is loaded, the Container might be still in "building" stage.

To access the container, use the IP address that you have previously binded to it.
If you haven't done so, you can still do it from the Public IP address drop-down menu.

The address to use is: http(s)://binded-IP-address.
Before you can access the container, you first go through a one-time registration page.
After you have registered, the Overview page displays.


IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers Overview page

Use one of the sample applications to reach the final step of the evaluation: connecting an app to a MobileFirst Server instance that runs on top of Bluemix.

The landing page also provides links to various documentation resources.


Visit the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers sample app tutorial for instructions and downloading, setting up, and runnning the sample application.

Last modified on March 10, 2017