Setting up the iOS development environment

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Prerequisite: If you intend to use IBM MobileFirst Platform Studio or CLI to develop your application, first read the Setting up the MobileFirst development environment tutorial.

This tutorial explains the steps that a developer needs to follow in order to be able to develop and test iOS applications. These steps include registering at Apple Developer and installing Xcode.


Register as an iOS developer.
To do so, visit the Apple Registration Center website.


As a company, you need to plan additional configuration to invite your developers, manage your devices, certificates, provisioning profiles, and more. To learn more, see visit the Apple Developer support website.


In addition to registering as an iOS developer, you must install and use Xcode to be able to compile the iOS project.
Xcode is an IDE which you can use to:

  • Manage your test devices
  • Use the iOS simulator
  • Install apps on iOS devices
  • Debug, test performance, and more

For more information, visit the Apple Developer website.

Last modified on December 02, 2015