Release Notes

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Identify the latest information about this product release and all its fix packs.

What’s new in v8.0

IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0 brings significant changes that modernize your MobileFirst application development, deployment, and management experience.
Read what’s new.

What’s new in v8.0 interim fixes

Interim fixes provide patches and updates to correct problems and keep IBM MobileFirst Foundation current for new releases of mobile operating systems.
Read what’s new in interim fixes.

Deprecated features and API elements

New releases of Mobile Foundation might introduce features or API elements that supersede features and API elements from past releases. Superseded features and API elements are deprecated and they might be removed in future releases.
Read about deprecated features and API elements.

Discontinued features and API elements

Consider carefully how removed features and API elements affect your MobileFirst environment.
Read about discontinued features and APIs.

Known issues and limitations

You can identify the latest known issues and their resolutions, for this product release and all its fix packs, by browsing this dynamic list of documents.
General limitations apply to MobileFirst as detailed here. Limitations that apply to specific features are explained in the topics that describe these features.

Read about known issues and limitations.

Last modified on January 20, 2017