Using MobileFirst Server to Eclipse

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The MobileFirst Server can be integrated into the Eclipse IDE. This can help in creating a unified development experience.

Adding the server to Eclipse

  1. From the Servers view in Eclipse, select New → Server.
  2. If an IBM folder option does not exist, click on “Download additional server adapters”.
  3. Select WebSphere Application Server Liberty Tools and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. From the Servers view in Eclipse, select New → Server.
  5. Select IBM → WebSphere Application Server Liberty.
  6. Provide a server name and hostname and click Next.
  7. Provide the path to the server’s root directory, and select a JRE version to use. When using the MobileFirst Developer Kit, the root directory is [installation directory]/mfp-server folder.
  8. Click Next followed by clicking Finish.

You can now start and stop the MobileFirst Server from the Eclipse IDE “servers” view.

Last modified on November 10, 2017