MobileFirst Platform Foundation installation

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IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation provides development tools and server-side components that you can install on-premises or deploy to the cloud for test or production use. Review the installation topics appropriate for your installation scenario.

Installing a test or production server on-premises

If you install a test or production server, start with tutorials for a simple MobileFirst Server installation. For more information about preparing an installation for your specific environment, see Installing MobileFirst Server for a production environment.

To add MobileFirst Analytics Server to your installation, see MobileFirst Analytics Server installation guide.

To add MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server to your installation, see MobileFirst Analytics Receiver Server installation guide.

To install IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center, see Installing and configuring the Application Center.

Applying a fix pack to upgrade MobileFirst Platform Foundation

Follow the tutorials to upgrade or update your installation of MobileFirst Server by applying MobileFirst Fix packs.

Last modified on June 01, 2020