Workstation Installation Guide

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Follow this installation guide in order to setup your workstation for development using Mobile Foundation.

DevKit Installer

The MobileFirst Developer Kit Installer will install a ready-to-use MobileFirst Server, database and runtime on your developer machine.

The installer requires Java installed.

  1. Install Oracle’s JRE.

  2. Add a JAVA_HOME variable, pointing to the JRE

    Mac and Linux: Edit your ~/.bash_profile:

     #### ORACLE JAVA
     export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_73.jdk/Contents/Home"

    Follow this guide.


Get the DevKit Installer from the Downloads page, and follow the on-screen instructions.

devkit installer

Starting and stopping the server

Open a command-line window and navigate to the extracted folder location.

Mac and Linux:

  • To start the server: ./ -bg
  • To stop the server: ./


  • To start the server: ./run.cmd -bg
  • To stop the server: ./stop.cmd

Accessing the MobileFirst Operations Console

You can access the MobileFirst Operations Console in the following ways:


MobileFirst CLI

The MobileFirst CLI is a command-line interface enabling you to register applications in the MobileFirst Server, pull/push application from/to the MobileFirst Server, create Java and JavaScript adapters, manage multiple local and remote servers, update live applications using Direct Update and so on.


  1. NodeJS is a requirement before you can install the MobileFirst CLI.
    Download and install NodeJS v4.4.3 LTS.

To Verify the installation, open a command-line window and execute: node -v.

  1. Some CLI commands, such as creating, building and deploying adapters require Maven. See the next section for installation instructions.

Installation of MobileFirst CLI

Open Terminal and execute: npm install -g mfpdev-cli.

Mac and Linux: Note that you may need to run the command using sudo.
Read more about fixing NPM permissions.

To Verify the installation, open a command-line window and execute: mfpdev -v or mfpdev help.


Adapters and Security Checks

Adapters and Security Checks are your door-way to introduce authentication and other security layers to your application.

Apache Maven is a required to set-up before you can create adapters and security checks.

  1. Download the Apache Maven .zip
  2. Add a MVN_PATH variable, pointing to the Maven folder

    Mac and Linux: Edit your ~/.bash_profile:

     #### Apache Maven
     export MVN_PATH="/usr/local/bin"

    Follow this guide. Verify the installation by executing: mvn -v.


With Apache Maven installed, you can now create adapters either via Maven command-line commands, or by using the MobileFirst CLI.
For more information, review the Adapters tutorials.

Last modified on December 01, 2017