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    Field annotation that defines a reference to a security check, creating a dependency between the checks.
    The annotation is applied to a field definition within a security-check class. The type of the annotated field should be the class of the referenced security check, and the field must be defined as transient.
    If there is more than one security check of the same class, use the annotation's element to specify the name of the target security check.
    The referenced security check must be available in the same adapter as the referencing class.
    If the security framework cannot identify a matching security check, or if the dependency validation fails, the adapter fails to deploy.

    The following code defines a UserLoginSecurityCheckReference field that references a UserLogin security check of the userLoginSecurityCheck class:
    @SecurityCheckReference(name = "UserLogin")
    private transient UserLoginSecurityCheck userLoginSecurityCheckReference;
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      java.lang.String name()
      The name of the referenced security check.
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      • name

        java.lang.String name()
        The name of the referenced security check. The default value is an empty string, which indicates that there is a single security check of the referenced class.
        If there is more than one security-check definition of the referenced class, set name to the name of your target security check. Otherwise, the adapter deployment fails.
        The name of the referenced security check or an empty string.

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