Class ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig

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        public static final java.lang.String INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT_SEC_CONFIG
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      • inactivityTimeoutSec

        public int inactivityTimeoutSec
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      • ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig

        public ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig(java.util.Properties properties)
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      • validateExpirationLimit

        public void validateExpirationLimit(int expirationLimitSec)
        Description copied from interface: SecurityCheckConfiguration
        Make sure the configuration values representing expiration or inactivity don't exceed the given limit.
        The implementation can use this method to implement other time-related validations, for example that inactivity is less than expiration, etc.
        The implementation may decide to fix the discovered problems by replacing too large values with the limit, and report a warning.
        expirationLimitSec - - max time the security check state can be preserved

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