Interface AnalyticsAPI

  • Deprecated. 
    This interface is deprecated since V8.0, use AnalyticsAPI instead.

    public interface AnalyticsAPI
    API for reporting information to analytics.
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      void logActivity(java.lang.String activityType)
      Report user activity.
    • Method Detail

      • logActivity

        void logActivity(java.lang.String activityType)
                         throws MFPServerOperationException
        Report user activity. This method is used to report user activity for auditing or reporting purposes. The IBM® Worklight® server maintains a separate database table to store application statistics.

        Note: To ensure that the activity is stored in the database, set reports.exportRawData to true in the file.

        Partially deprecated since V7.0. The client-side logActivity methods (on iOS, Android, and JavaScript) and the server-side database (the Reports database) used to store the String are deprecated. Use the Logger client-side methods and the Operational Analytics feature instead. Note that native Windows8, WindowsPhone8, and J2ME environments did not deprecate logActivity because there is currently no Logger support on those platforms. Those environments will continue to make use of this interface. In V7.0 and recent previous releases, the data from logActivity is sent to the Operational Analytics feature in addition to the (now deprecated) Reports database.
        activityType - - A string that identifies the activity.

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