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enabled() - Method in interface com.ibm.mfp.adapter.api.OAuthSecurity
The resource-protection state: true - The resource is protected and requires an access token.
enabled() - Method in interface com.worklight.core.auth.OAuthSecurity
equals(Object) - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.app.external.ApplicationKey
equals(Object) - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.registration.external.model.AuthenticatedUser
equals(Object) - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.registration.external.model.DeviceData
equals(Object) - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.registration.external.model.PersistentAttributes
errors - Variable in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.SecurityCheckConfigurationBase
executeAdapterRequest(HttpUriRequest) - Method in interface com.ibm.mfp.adapter.api.AdaptersAPI
Sends HTTP request to another REST or Javascript adapter.
executeAdapterRequest(HttpUriRequest) - Method in interface com.worklight.adapters.rest.api.AdaptersAPI
Sends HTTP request to another REST or Javascript adapter.
EXPIRED - Static variable in class com.ibm.mfp.server.registration.external.device.management.MFPDeviceStatus
A device that has not connected to the MobileFirst Server for a certain configurable period
ExternalizableSecurityCheck - Class in com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl
Convenience base class for security check implementations.
ExternalizableSecurityCheck() - Constructor for class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.ExternalizableSecurityCheck
ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig - Class in com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl
Defines inactivity timeout property Default value is 0, which means inactivity timeout disabled
ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig(Properties) - Constructor for class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig
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