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INACTIVE_TOKEN - Static variable in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.resource.TokenIntrospectionData
INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT_SEC_CONFIG - Static variable in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig
inactivityTimeoutSec - Variable in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.ExternalizableSecurityCheckConfig
info - Variable in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.SecurityCheckConfigurationBase
init() - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.adapter.api.MFPJAXRSApplication
This method is called on initialization
initStateDurations(Map) - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.impl.ExternalizableSecurityCheck
Put the state names supported by this security check and their durations in seconds into the input map.
Implementations may use ExternalizableSecurityCheck.getConfiguration() method to access configured values.
introspect(Set, IntrospectionResponse) - Method in interface com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks.SecurityCheck
Make sure this check currently grants the requested scope.
If the scope is granted, the implementation should add the granted scope, its expiration, and custom introspection data to the response parameter.
IntrospectionResponse - Interface in com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.checks
Aggregates introspection responses from multiple security checks.
isActive() - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.resource.TokenIntrospectionData
Return true if the token is active.
isEnabled() - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.registration.external.model.ClientData
Returns true if the application instance is enabled, false otherwise.
isScopeCovered(String) - Method in class com.ibm.mfp.server.security.external.resource.TokenIntrospectionData
Checks whether the scope associated with the token covers the given required scope.
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