The following table lists the functions that you can perform in client-side applications, and the corresponding IBM MobileFirst JavaScript client-side API.

Function Description
Initializing and reloading an application

Managing authenticated sessions

Obtaining general application information

Retrieving and updating data from corporate information systems

Storing and retrieving user preferences across sessions

Globalizing application texts

Specifying environment-specific user interface behavior

Storing custom log lines for auditing and reporting purposes in special database tables

Writing debug lines to a logger window

Using functions specific to specific device
Defining the behavior of the application before it enters the background or foreground WL.App.BackgroundHandler
Defining the application badge WL.Badge
Displaying an indication that the application is busy WL.BusyIndicator
Interacting with JSONStore, to populate the local store with documents, and to update, delete, and search across documents WL.JSONStore
Printing log messages to the log for the environment WL.Logger
Manipulating the Android options menu, and the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 apps application bar WL.Item
Showing a dialog with buttons for the application WL.SimpleDialog
Managing the tab bar on Android and iPhone WL.TabBar
Switching the currently displayed, web-based screen with a natively written page WL.NativePage

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