IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.3.0 now available

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation 6.3.0, formerly known as IBM Worklight Foundation, is now available for download.

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In v6.3, attention was given in the following main themes:

  • Focus
    • Leveraging iOS 8 – Silent and interactive notifications, Touch ID to open JSONStore, iBeacons support, Swift compatibility, and User engagement actions
    • Enable development of enterprise grade apps on Windows devices - Mixed Hybrid support, Application Authenticity and Device Authenticity for Windows Phone 8 and Native C# APi's for Windows 8
  • Efficient development
    • Enhanced flexibility for hybrid Windows Phone 8 developers, by easier interacting between C# and HTML5 usage of the platform API in a single app.
    • Enhanced experience for Windows 8 developers by enabling C# native development. Enhanced Service Discovery for SAP systems to work with complex SAP backends using relational references
    • Improved HTML5 support in Studio
    • Enable developers to build apps using arm64 architecture , as mandated by Apple beginning February 2015
  • Enhanced user experience
    • Enable developers to provide the most updated user experience for iOS 8 users by supporting silent and interactive notification, using Touch ID for JSONStore protection, and by using Swift as its programming language
    • Enable developers to provide the most updated user experience for Android L users by supporting heads up notification
    • Faster application updates to frequent users through differential Direct Update
  • Secure integration
    • Advanced device authentication for Windows Phone 8 and Native iOS and Android, reducing risks of malicious access to corporate services
    • Enable app authenticity for Windows Phone 8, reducing risks of malicious apps accessing corporate services
    • Extended protection for over the air (Direct Update) application updates, reducing risk of malicious changes to the updates
  • Continuous delivery
    • Enable organizations that deploy Windows 8 Pro apps to benefit from the enterprise app store
    • Enable enterprises to have a single app in the store, which can serve different groups of customers, each using a different MobileFirst Platform Server
    • Ease securing the access to operational analytics through role based access to the analytics console
    • Ease DevOps without need for developers by enabling an admin to select from predefined settings
    • Extend the flexibility in managing and using notifications through complete management APIs for push notifications, and by reflecting expiration of Apple APNS certificate in the console
    • A more efficient and complete on-cloud deployment on SoftLayer by reducing the footprint for pattern deployment and by improved documentation for deployment of App Center and operational analytics
    • Ease assessments of compliancy to license terms by License management using ILMT4

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In addition to a new brand name and many bug fixes, we've also added the following new and updated features:

  • Support for Apple Touch ID in JSONStore
  • Support for Apple iBeacon transmitters
  • Support for Apple Swift programming language
  • Support for Application Authenticity Protection in Hybrid Windows Phone 8 apps
  • Support for Push Notifications in Native Windows Phone 8 apps
  • Support for Native Windows Store apps in C#
  • New & updated client-side and server-side Native and Hybrid APIs. For example, you can change the MobileFirst Platform Server URL during runtime
  • Enhanced Command Line Interface (CLI) APIs
  • Enhanced integration between Adapters and WebSphere Application Server, enabling use of stronger security features, and reduced server resources usage
  • Enhanced notifications, leveraging new technologies in iOS 8 and Android 5
  • Differential Direct Update - for a smaller file size when updating a Hybrid application's web resources
  • Direct Update Authenticity - for secure delivery when updating a Hybrid application's web resources
  • New and updated tutorials and samples, covering topics from mixing native and web UI to native authentication and push notifications

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Additional information is available in the following section in the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Knowledge Center:

Last modified on May 01, 2016