IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation v7.0 is here

Available today to download is IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation v7.0.

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For a full list of changes, visit the Release Notes section in the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation user documentation.

New in v7.0:

  1. Includes an iOS and Android SDK for use with a single-node Cloudant database for on-premise use. This new feature makes it easier for you to build mobile apps that continue working when offline. To scale larger when on-premise, additional database nodes are available, at an additional charge, with secure integration between new and existing back- end services.
  2. Enhances access to backend services by extending the identification of tampered or hacked applications
    Provides obfuscation of web code in hybrid apps and use of ProGuard for Android apps to help reduce the risk of
    attack by reverse engineering of apps.
  3. Leverages MobileFirst Platform security and operational analytics capabilities when directly calling RESTful
    enterprise services, helping to provide consistent security and operational analytics across the entire mobile stack. Extends the discovery and access patterns to backend services with support for RESTful services
  4. Enables direct integration with SAP resources through JavaTM Connector without the need for Netweaver gateway applications.
  5. Supports new versions of mobile OS, and extend the support of push notification channels to include Microsoft Windows Notification Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 RT.
  6. Modernizes the Operations Console function. This makes it easier to manage and operate the enterprise mobile channel
  7. Simplifies deployment of MobileFirst Platform applications in a scalable way by using farms of servers.
  8. Collects logs and creates reports to gain insights specifically targeted to organizational needs without leaving the analytics console.
  9. Uses updated technology to deploy applications to private clouds (Pure Application Services and SoftLayer®), now using Pattern V2.
  10. MobileFirst Platform Foundation V6.3, and V7.0 and IBM Worklight V6.0,6.1,and V6.2 include iOS app development with 64-bit support.

In addition to all of the above, you will also find lots of updated training materials, as well as new ones:

  • Tag-based push notifications for Hybrid and Native iOS/Android/Windows Phone 8/Windows 8
  • Using Beacons in Android and iOS
  • Cloudant Local
  • Updated JSONStore samples
  • HTTP/SQL Java adapters
  • and lots more!

Take a look at all the refreshed content!

Last modified on May 01, 2016