Xamarin SDK for IBM MobileFirst 7.0 released

Earlier this year, IBM released MobileFirst Platform Foundation v7.0. Among the many enhancements, this release provided standards based integration and authentication for mobile applications. MobileFirst applications can now use the MobileFirst security framework to access third party protected resources via OAuth.

We are now happy to announce that our Xamarin SDK for the MobileFirst Platform has been upgraded with APIs added new in MobileFirst Platform 7.0 including the APIs for aforementioned OAuth flows. Go ahead to the Xamarin Component Store to download this new SDK. Make sure you check out our sample application which we have updated to demonstrate how MobileFirst applications can access protected resources via OAuth.

Note: What we don't yet have in the Xamarin SDK is a unified API for GeoLocation and Trusteer API set.
For GeoLocation - the native binding API is available - this is the direct binding/reflection from the underlying iOS and Java layer. You can implement GeoLocation - but the code will have to be specific to the Android project and the iOS project .

Look at the Worklight.Android.Location and Worklight.iOS.Location

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Last modified on May 01, 2016