Xamarin SDK for IBM MobileFirst 7.1 is live

Last week, we announced the general availability of IBM MobileFirst Platform v7.1. Today, we are announcing the availability of the Xamarin SDK for IBM MobileFirst Platform v7.1. Xamarin developers can exploit the new APIs in v7.1. You can download the SDK from the Xamarin Component Store.

You can use this version of the Xamarin SDK along with the new capability to host a demo MobileFirst Platform server in the cloud at Bluemix.net as a docker container. You can read more about it in the blog post by Ajay Chebbi.

What's new in the Xamarin SDK for MobileFirst Platform v7.1

  • New APIs added in IBM MobileFirst Platform v7.1 are included in the SDK (APIs for certificate pinning, improved login/logout behavior)
  • Some earlier missing APIs have now been added
  • Bugs fixes and improvements have been made to the Xamarin Studio addin that is shipped with the component.
Last modified on May 01, 2016