Ready-to-go Bluemix Web App to speed up MobileFirst Platform Foundation deployment to IBM Bluemix Containers

Have you tried deploying the MobileFirst Platform to IBM Containers before? If yes, you would have used a bunch of command-line shell scripts which needs a list of prerequisites to set up the environment, refer the article - Run IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Containers.

If you wonder "why not a web user interface for performing the customization, build and deployment of the MobileFirst Image to Containers?", here is the Bluemix application that offers a wizard based web interface that helps you customize, build and deploy IBM MobileFirst project artifacts to Containers on IBM Bluemix.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation Containers is a wizard-based web UI that allows you to deploy both IBM MobileFirst Server and Operational Analytics.


  • IBM Bluemix Account. (minimum of CloudFoundry memory 1.5G & 1G in Containers is required)
  • IBM MobileFirst Platform for Containers zip archive hosted on an internet accessible HTTP or FTP server.


To start, click on the Deploy To Bluemix button below.

  1. Login with the IBM Bluemix Account credentials.
  2. Enter a unique App name.
  3. Choose the Organization and Space to which the app has to be deployed. missing_alt
  4. Click on DEPLOY button to deploy the application. See the following image. Note: This step initiates the IBM Bluemix DevOps pipeline activities which involves the download of the base IBM MobileFirst Evaluation Archive. This archive is used by the app for customization and deployment to IBM Containers.
  5. On successful deployment, click on VIEW YOUR APP button to launch the app. See the following image. missing_alt

How to use the Application

The wizard allows you to customize, build and deploy the IBM MobileFirst Containers without any CLI based scripts or other utilities.

To deploy to IBM containers and Bluemix using this app, launch the application using a web browser and complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the location of IBM MobileFirst Platform for Containers zip for customization. Make sure this URL is internet accessible as the zip file will be downloaded to the IBM Bluemix servers by this application. missing_alt
  2. Login to the Bluemix Container Service - Enter the IBM Bluemix Account credentials to log in followed by choosing the right Organization and Space for deploying the MobileFirst Containers. missing_alt
  3. Customize - the MFPF eval image archive is extracted and default values are loaded from the image to the UI. User is allowed to choose the component type for customization either Server or Analytics from the dropdown. This section consists of multiple sections for both Server & Analytics container types. (Refer the Help in the app for more details on each section)

    Following screenshots show the customization of Analytics and Server component.
  4. Server Customization
    missing_alt Analytics Customization
  5. Build & Push - This is the step which takes the Image Tag Name as input with which the customized image will be pushed to the IBM Bluemix. Click Next to build the customized image and push the image. missing_alt
  6. Deploy - Choose the runtime, either container or container groups".
  7. Standalone Containers
    1. Choose the pushed image.
    2. Enter the container name.
    3. Select the Public IP from the dropdown.
    4. Choose the memory for the container. (default : 1024)
    Container Groups
    1. Choose the pushed image.
    2. Enter a unique container group host name.
    3. Enter the minimum, desired and maximum number of instances.
    4. Choose the memory to be alloted per instance. (default : 1024)

    You can access the IBM MobileFirst Administration Console or Operational Analytics Console, upon successful deployment of the customized image. For example, see the following image.


    Click the link to launch the IBM MobileFirst Operations or Analytics Console based on the deployment and refresh the app for another deployment.

    Note: Help section of the app can be accessed by clicking the ? icon on the top-right corner of the page.


    Girish Dhanakshirur, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Master Inventor - IBM MobileFirst Platform Development
    Krishna C Kumar, Software Developer, IBM MobileFirst Platform Development Team.
    Manu T George, Advisory Software Engineer, IBM MobileFirst Platform Development Team.
    Prashant Bhat, Senior Staff Software Engineer, IBM MobileFirst Platform Development Team.
    Srinivasan Nanduri, Senior Software Engineer, IBM MobileFirst Platform Development Team.


    1. IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Bluemix
    2. Getting Started Tutorials – IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation on IBM Bluemix
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    Last modified on May 01, 2016