Hybrid Wallet lab series for MFP 7.1 has been released!


We just published new hybrid hands-on lab series for MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1


This MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.1 1-day PoT path will allow you to get used to work with the latest platform version within 1 day of hands-on experience.

During this day you will implement a small banking app to check your CC balance & transactions and change limits. This app will be using Adapter-based authentication, Push notifications, JavaScript adapters, JSONStore and the recently introduced Cordova application type. Development will be done using the Ionic Framework, MobileFirst Platform CLI and Atim as the main IDE. You will also learn how to use Mobile Quality Assurance service on Bluemix and report a bug inside the app.

The application development will start with creating a application using the Ionic command-line interface. The project will then be then migrated to a MobileFirst platform Cordova application project and development will continue development from there.

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Last modified on May 01, 2016