Mobile Quality Assurance delivers export feedback

I’ve always been sort of fascinated by the speed and convenience of mail delivery services in the United States. In anticipation of the rapidly-arriving Halloween holiday, I purchased a Harley Quinn costume from Amazon. In a mere two days, my costume of epic proportions was packaged, left the carrier facility, traveled several hundred miles, and delivered to my doorstep. Meanwhile, all I had to do was click a few buttons and walk to my door.

In the latest update of IBM® Mobile Quality Assurance (MQA), we offer a feature with similar speed and convenience: export feedback. With just one click, all of the feedback for your app that is instrumented with MQA is exported to a CSV file and downloaded to your computer. The CSV file includes the following information for each feedback instance:

  • Timestamp
  • Platform identification (iOS or Android)
  • Device type
  • Logging mode (production or preproduction)
  • App version
  • Feedback message

For more information about how to use this feature, see "Exporting user feedback" in the IBM Knowledge Center.

This is no trick! With a few clicks, you can treat yourself by trying MQA on IBM Bluemix™. And you don’t even have to walk to your door.

Watch for more posts by Parker Sims and the IBM MQA team.

Last modified on May 01, 2016
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