Please take part in our Mobile Developers' Survey

We at IBM MobileFirst Platform team spend a lot of time creating new stuff. in our daily race to make sure we are up to speed with what our users need, it seems like a good idea to ask them directly about their use of the product. We actually didn’t come up with this approach by ourselves- this is becoming a common practice in our industry.

Recently, IBM has started to take a more intentional approach on how to “ask” users what their opinions & ideas are. This is done by implementing IBM Design Thinking in the work of product development teams.

By taking this short survey we expect you- our users, to share experience & knowledge regarding the app development & management process. So please go ahead & educate us about your actual specific needs when doing your work.

Thank you for your time- feel free to address any other thoughts to the design team.

The survey:

Last modified on May 01, 2016