Known Limitations in the MobileFirst Development CLI 8.0 Beta

The development CLI in the MobileFirst Platform Foundation 8.0 beta has the following known limitations and workarounds:

  • When installing the development CLI (particularly on Windows systems) you may get installation errors that either require python to be installed, or that node-gyp has failed. These errors are actually harmless and do not affect the functionality of the CLI. However, you can avoid these error messages by using the --no-optional flag when installing the CLI, such as:

            $ npm install -g --no-optional mfpdev-cli

  • The mfpdev app register command does not work with remote servers using HTTPS. As a workaround, when specifying a remote server profile, be sure to use the http:// protocol and the appropriate port (typically 80).

  • When previewing Cordova applications using the mfpdev app preview command, your application will not be able to call JavaScript adapters under certain circumstances. Specifically, your app will be unable to call JavaScript adapters that are unprotected (secure=false), and your app will be unable to call JavaScript adapter procedures that take parameters. This limitation only extends to the preview environment, and your app will behave as expected when running on native device hardware, or your platform’s native simulator.

  • The IBM MobileFirst Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) commands that are used to define a MobileFirst Server do not currently support IPV6 internet addresses for Cordova applications. These commands include mfpdev app register, mfpdev server add, and mfpdev server edit.

Inclusive terminology note: The Mobile First Platform team is making changes to support the IBM® initiative to replace racially biased and other discriminatory language in our code and content with more inclusive language. While IBM values the use of inclusive language, terms that are outside of IBM's direct influence are sometimes required for the sake of maintaining user understanding. As other industry leaders join IBM in embracing the use of inclusive language, IBM will continue to update the documentation to reflect those changes.
Last modified on April 14, 2016