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Integrating Bluemix Services with Foundation Lab

Connecting Bluemix services with MobileFirst Foundation on Bluemix is now easier than ever. If you are an on-premise 8.0 customer or Mobile Foundation service customer, then read further to learn how to use Bluemix services with Mobile Foundation. We have created a lab that guides developers through the process of setting up Foundation on Bluemix, instantiating Bluemix Services, and integrating it with an iOS Ionic v1 Application.

Phone screens


In this lab, imagine you are an Enterprise that owns car service centers utlizing an on-premise CRM. You want to equip service center employees with iPhones, and build an app that will help them coordinate activities in the service center to improve service times and quality of service across potentialy tens of thousands of locations.

One important element in this solution it is to allow your employees to have access to the most accurate data about your customer, as a customer can engage with your Enterprise via multiple channels.

So through this example we will explore a possible architecture that would allow an Enterprise that already has an OnPrem CRM solution, to expose the CRM data to a mobile app for its Service Centers employees, so they can deliver better customer service.

We will be utilizing the Bluemix services:

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Last modified on May 07, 2018