MobileFirst Foundation iFix released

Please do not download this iFix as there is a known issue with this iFix.

A new iFix has been released for MobileFirst Foundation 8.0, dated August 3rd, 2017.

Important: There is a known issue with this iFix causing the Mobile Foundation server to not start properly. This is fixed in iFix

Changes in this iFix

For a cumulative list of all previous fixes, see the iFix download page on IBM Fix Central.

Generate an adapter from its OpenAPI specification

Mobile Foundation introduces the capability to auto-generate an adapter from its OpenAPI specification. Mobile Foundation users can now focus on the application logic instead of creating the Mobile Foundation adapter, which connects the application to the desired back-end service. Learn more.

Support for pinning multiple certificates in the Cordova SDK

Starting with the iFix, Mobile Foundation had introduced the support for pinning of multiple certificates. This was supported only for native android and iOS apps. Now, starting with this iFix ( pinning of multiple certificates is supported in the Cordova SDK. Read more on Multiple certificate pinning support from What’s new, under the section What’s new in MobileFirst APIs .

APARs Fixed

PI84522 MobileFirst SDK cannot pin a certificate using the WL.Client.pinTrustedCertificatePublicKey API when Web ResourcesE

How to upgrade

To upgrade, download & install the Developer Kit for evaluators, Developer Kit for customers / iFix package for on-prem production environment (requires login to IBM Fix Central), or refresh your Mobile Foundation service from your service Dashboard.

Client SDKs
To upgrade, run the upgrade commands for your platform.

Individual artifact build numbers in this iFix

The artifacts updated in the iFix are emphasized.
cordova-plugin-mfp 8.0.2017072706
cordova-plugin-mfp-encrypt-utils 8.0.2017021815
cordova-plugin-mfp-fips 8.0.2017021815
cordova-plugin-mfp-jsonstore 8.0.2017070506
cordova-plugin-mfp-push 8.0.2017062111
cordova-template-mfp 8.0.2017060206
ibm-mfp-web-sdk 8.0.2017021409
passport-mfp-token-validation 8.0.2017010917
mfpdev-cli 8.0.2017080206
mfpmigrate-cli 8.0.2017061505
IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundation 8.0.2017072608
IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationOpenSSLUtils 8.0.2017072608
IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationPush 8.0.2017061612
IBMMobileFirstPlatformFoundationJSONStore 8.0.2017053010
ibmmobilefirstplatformfoundation 8.0.2017062702
ibmmobilefirstplatformfoundationpush 8.0.2017011813
ibmmobilefirstplatformfoundationjsonstore 8.0.2017052514
adapter-maven-plugin 8.0.2017021701
adapter-maven-archetype-sql 8.0.2017021701
adapter-maven-archetype-java 8.0.2017021701
adapter-maven-archetype-http 8.0.2017021701
adapter-maven-api 8.0.2017021701
mfp-security-checks-base 8.0.2017020112
mfp-java-token-validator 8.0.2017020112
IBMMobileFirstPlatform Foundation 8.0.2017012419
IBM MobileFirstPlatform Push SDK 8.0.2017012419
IBMMobileFirstPlatform SDK 8.0.2017051208
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Last modified on September 06, 2017