Mobile Foundation can now be deployed on Kubernetes clusters

Note: We have simplified the deployment experience of Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud Kubernetes clusters tremendously, while improving deployment times significantly. Please refer to the blog announcement for more details. With this announcement, we are deprecating the deployment option described in the blog below.

Deploy Mobile Foundation on Kubernetes clusters

As a Mobile Foundation user, you can now deploy Mobile Foundation, including the Mobile Foundation Server, Mobile Analytics Server, and the Application Center on Kubernetes clusters. The deployment package has been updated to support Kubernetes deployment. You can download the deployment package CNL77EN from Passport Advantage (your PPA login credentials are required).

Using a Kubernetes cluster offers several benefits, allowing users to create their own customized infrastructure according to their business requirements.

Note: For customers using Mobile Foundation on IBM Bluemix, IBM Bluemix Container Service announced the availability of Kubernetes clusters on the IBM Bluemix Container Service.

Existing users of Mobile Foundation on Bluemix can migrate their existing Mobile Foundation server to Kubernetes cluster on IBM Bluemix Container Service. New users can deploy to Kubernetes clusters on IBM Bluemix container service. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to set up Mobile Foundation on Kubernetes clusters.

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Last modified on May 09, 2019