Support for Ionic 4 in Mobile Foundation v8.0

We are pleased to announce the official support of Ionic 4 in IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0. This support is introduced from iFix onwards.

You are required to install the ionic application with cordova-plugin-mfp version 8.0.2019031808 or greater.

We have validated the following Mobile Foundation v8.0 Foundation features with the stable release of Ionic 4.

  • Invoking back-end procedures through adapters
  • Application Authenticity
  • Application management
  • JSONStore
  • Direct Update
  • Oauth handshake with Mobile Foundation server
  • Push notifications

From this release onwards, the cordova-plugin-mfp is not compatible with the version 1.x of cordova-plugin-ionic-webview, as it contains major webview changes. This release of cordova-plugin-mfp removes support for cordova-plugin-ionic-weview version 1.x and below. Please update cordova-plugin-ionic-webview to version 2.0 or higher.

Last modified on March 28, 2019