IBM Mobile Foundation as software on IBM Cloud is now Generally Available

We are happy to announce the general availability of IBM Mobile Foundation as software on IBM Cloud.

Mobile Foundation provides a set of services that includes mobile core, push notifications, analytics, feature control with live update, and a private app store. Along with the server-side components, the platform also provides client SDKs for popular frameworks like Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, and native development by using iOS and Android. IBM Digital App Builder is a free tool that can be used by developers to build rich multi-channel digital apps for web or mobile. Mobile Foundation is deployed on Red Hat OpenShift and it leverages the capabilities of OpenShift to deliver rich, secure, and scalable applications that use cloud-native technologies.

Red Hat OpenShift offers a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications. It delivers a comprehensive solution for hybrid cloud, enterprise container, and Kubernetes development and deployments. It includes an enterprise-grade Linux® operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication, and authorization solutions. These components are tested together for unified operations on a complete Kubernetes platform that spans every cloud.

As a software on IBM Cloud, Mobile Foundation customers can use their Passport Advantage entitlement to provision an instance on the cloud that uses the managed OpenShift cluster. If you do not have Mobile Foundation or Cloud Pak for Applications entitlement, kindly contact your local Sales rep to procure a license for Mobile Foundation.

To deploy Mobile Foundation as a software on IBM Cloud you need the following.

  • VPC (Virtual Processor Cores) license for Mobile Foundation or Cloud Pak for Applications.
  • Red Hat OpenShift cluster from IBM Cloud. This includes the following.
    • OpenShift license
    • Hosting charges (Worker Nodes, Load Balancer etc.)

Mobile Foundation as a Software on IBM Cloud is designed to provide the following value to clients.

  • Capacity, Flexibility, and Scalability

    Provide an option to quickly augment capacity or roll out an application by using Mobile Foundation licenses and managed infrastructure on IBM Cloud.

  • Reduction of IT expenses and offloading Day 2 operations for the platform

    As Red Hat OpenShift is managed, clients need not worry about managing the platform. Clients need to manage the Mobile Foundation server only.

  • Faster installation process

    Mobile Foundation can be installed on OpenShift with a user-friendly self-service interface on IBM Cloud.

Getting started with Mobile Foundation as Software on IBM Cloud using the following resources.

  • Provision an instance by navigating to Catalog > Software on IBM Cloud and search for Mobile Foundation. Read the Getting Started guide to learn how to use Mobile Foundation as a software on IBM Cloud.
  • Contact us if you have any queries.
  • Reach out to us on Slack.
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Last modified on June 22, 2020