HTTP2 Protocol support for AIX

APNS has announced that they will no longer support legacy binary protocol from March 31st, 2021. Users have been asked to switch to the new HTTP/2 protocol to avoid disruptions to Push notifications capability.

Starting from March 31st, APNS will close legacy binary protocol endpoints with port 2197 and 2195.

For AIX system, Mobile Foundation Platform has provided HTTP/2 support from latest ifix

Pre-requisite for HTTP/2 protocol

To get native support, the JAVA fix level has to be at a minimum level.

Do the following steps to apply the latest ifix:

  1. iFix require IBM JAVA version - pxa6480sr6fp11-20200602_01(SR6 FP11) or above to work.

  2. To enable support on AIX systems, set the following JDNI value to true:


  3. Add the following custom JVM property:

  4. Restart the server.

    Refer the following links for JVM property:

Last modified on April 27, 2021