MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.0 Developer Labs

Hello Paris

During this lab you will create a Hello Paris mobile application. Development will be done using the Ionic Framework, MobileFirst Platform Foundation and Visual Studio Code as the main IDE. You will use several speech APIs, including Google translation API to perform speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation. In addition, you will use the Watson Service on IBM Cloud to perform English text-to-French text translation, Cloudant to store user queries and the MobileFirst Platform Quality Assurance and MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning Services on IBM Cloud.

Hello Paris app UI
Description: Using the NinjaMock service, create screen mockups for the application.
Time to complete: 17 minutes
Description: Using the Ionic framework, create a simple project and migrate it to MobileFirst Platform. Open it using Visual Studio Code together with live-reload server from Ionic framework.
Time to complete: 25 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Prepare the main page structure required for development of this application. Deploy the application to MobileFirst Server and preview its Android version using the built-in Mobile Browser Simulator.
Time to complete: 25 minutes
Description: Create a spinner, and change the application design by adding some animation using ng-animate.
Time to complete: 35 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Create a second page structure with 3 lists, an additional button for repeating French translation and create related functions.
Time to complete: 45 minutes
Description: Using annyang library add speech recognition and transform it to english text. Time to complete: 25 minutes
Description: Create a new Watson service instance on IBM Cloud and perform text-to-text translation using it. Perform text-to-speech transformation and playback French text.
Time to complete: 50 minutes
Description: Create Cloudant database instance and using REST API add and get history of user queries.
Time to complete: 40 minutes
Lab files: download