MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.0 Developer Labs

Download and setup VM image

The setup must be done before starting any of the lab sessions.
Description: Download and install Eclipse, install MobileFirst Platform Foundation Studio plug-in inside Eclipse and install XULRunner.
Time to complete: 25 minutes
Download: lab files
Description: Download and install the latest CLI package.
Time to complete: 10 minutes
Description: Use Eclipse Marketplace to find and install latest MobileFirst Platform Test Workbench Eclipse plug-in.
Time to complete: 8 minutes
Description: Install Android SDK with required API levels, download an Emulator image and update the system path.
Time to complete: 13 minutes
Description: Create and configure Android Emulator AVD and automate its startup using a shortcut.
Time to complete: 22 minutes
Description: Install WebStorm IDE that is required for the lab series and create an account in IBM Cloud.
Time to complete: 8 minutes
Description:Install Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code IDE, that is required for some of the lab sessions.
Time to complete: 6 minutes