MobileFirst Platform Foundation 7.0 Developer Labs

Technical Maintenance Assistant

During this lab you will create reusable assets for the Transportation & Logistics industry.

You will use the Ionic Framework, MobileFirst Platform and MobileFirst Platform Studio (based on Eclipse) as main IDE. You will learn how to do easy application translation to other languages, get used to work with AngularJS bindings and filters. You will use Mobile Test Workbench in order to perform mobile application functional testing. From server side perspective.

You will be using IBM Cloud mobile services and Cloudant to perform user authorization and store task lists in the cloud.

Technical Maintenance Assistant app UI
Description: Using the NinjaMock service, create screen mockups for the application.
Time to complete: 40 minutes
Description: Using the Ionic framework, create a simple project and migrate it to MobileFirst Platform.
Time to complete: 25 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Using AngularJS create different states to have application navigation logic and prepare first screen – login.
Time to complete: 35 minutes
Description: Modity page templates for Main page, Details and Do not agree pages.
Time to complete: 52 minutes
Description: Add translation capability by having different translation files in json format and doing translation on-the-fly
Time to complete: 36 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Prepare demo tasks to be available as service in both languages and display them in the main screen. Time to complete: 19 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Share data between controllers using state parameters and service to display task details and work with same task in the Do not agree page.
Time to complete: 37 minutes
Description: Add design to all pages, including animation effects for showing and hiding cards.
Time to complete: 75 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Preparing Android version with icon, splash screen, etc... Then install it on Android Emulator.
Time to complete: 17 minutes
Lab files: download
Description: Create a Test project using Mobile Test Workbench, record mobile application test and replay it on Android Emulator.
Time to complete: 20 minutes