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IBM Mobile Foundation
Announcing updates for IBM Mobile Foundation with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications (CP4A) v4.1
Mobile Foundation is now supported on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (OCP) version 4.3.
Mobile Foundation is available as part of the Entitled Registry and can now be installed using the CP4Apps Installer.
Mobile Foundation in Cloud Pak for Apps is bundled with Tekton pipelines for automating common DevOps tasks related to Mobile Foundation.
Live Update is now available as a separate service along with the other mobile services.
Analytics service is now optimized to provide better performance.
Using Digital App Builder developers can now build React Native apps.
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Join us at Think Digital 2020
Register for the Think 2020 virtual event
Think session 1: Digital transformation in today's context: Build and Deliver next-gen applications
Digital transformation is driving a new breed of apps called digital apps. Show more

Digital apps leverage context across channels, deliver new experiences, are based on flexible and scalable architectures, embody agile development practices and are rolled out of integrated DevOps. In this session, we will look at this transformation in today's context, and discuss how enterprises can leverage Mobile Foundation and Cloud Pak for Applications to deliver the next generation of digital apps to their users.

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Think session 2: How cognitive and micro-mobile frontends are driving digital transformation across industries
Micro-mobile frontends are changing how next-gen mobile apps are being built. Show more

Cognitive services like IBM Watson Assistant provides the backbone for new user interaction patterns on mobile. The architectural pattern of micro-mobile frontends supercharges these new interaction patterns. This new architectural pattern allows enterprises to modularize app development and rollout changes using integrated DevOps. In this session, we will look at how Digital App Builder and Mobile Foundation power this new pattern of building the next-gen apps.

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Think session 3: Strategize and modernize existing enterprise mobile apps with Cloud Pak for Applications
Across the globe, clients trust Mobile Foundation to run apps in banking, government, airline and other industries, as it offers security, scale, and engaging features. Show more

With the Cloud Pak for Applications V4 release, clients now have access to a modern mobile platform on OpenShift that additionally offers the benefits of containers, DevOps, monitoring, and governance of OpenShift. In this panel discussion, the mobile leadership team will share experiences from current deployments, discuss architecture, topologies, and use cases and gather feedback from clients. With the clients looking for low-code and high productivity tooling, the mobile team will also demonstrate Digital App Builder, share the roadmap, and seek input from the participants.

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Optimized deployment topology for separating Analytics service workloads from transaction workloads of the Mobile Foundation server
MobileFirst server performance could be impacted when there are a large number of devices, numerous mobile client applications in use, and substantial analytics data logged and sent from client applications. Enable the Analytics Receiver to take away the burden of analytics events processing from the MobileFirst server, thereby allowing only the runtime functions to utilize the MobileFirst server resources.
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Mobile Foundation Community Edition Docker image with Live Update, Analytics Receiver, and Application Center support is now available.
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Live Update feature in Mobile Foundation provides a simple way to define and serve different configurations for users of an application. Live Update is now available as a separate service along with the other Mobile services.
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Is your app ready for the Apple App Store?
Apple App Store has introduced numerous changes that become effective starting April 2020. Are your apps ready for it?
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Mobile Foundation Devkit is now lean
Mobile Foundation DevKit installer size is reduced to about half its original size. DevKit no longer bundles the tools, SDKs and samples. Tools, SDKs and samples are now fetched from a public Git repository when one attempts to download them from the Download Center of Mobile Foundation console.
Installing Mobile Foundation Server with Ant tasks - FAQs
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IBM Mobile Foundation Server Silent Installation - FAQs
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Upcoming feature
Easy migration to Mobile Foundation v8.0.
Key announcements
MobileFirst Platform Foundation v7.1 end of support is on March 31, 2020
MobileFirst Platform Foundation version v7.1 end of support is on March 31, 2020. Any upcoming requirements or deprecations from the Apple or Google ecosystem are considered new features, and therefore will not be supported even under an extended support contract.
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