newsleter aug 2020
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IBM Mobile Foundation
Accelerated DevOps on OpenShift with Mobile Foundation CLI and Tekton Pipelines
A seamless DevOps experience is now enabled with key enhancements to the CLI and tekton pipelines. Creating a working starter app that is integrated with Mobile Foundation service SDKs, testing apps locally with Mobile Foundation services running as a docker container, and finally triggering a deploy and publish on a target OpenShift cluster via tekton pipelines webhooked to Git repos - all made simple and easy.
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React Native SDKs for Live Update
iFix introduces React Native SDKs for the Live Update service. The React Native SDKs are published on npm. You can find the API reference for the new SDK here.
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Mobile Foundation support for Ionic 5
We are happy to announce that IBM Mobile Foundation v8.0 officially supports the latest Ionic 5. Ionic 5 was released in February this year. Most of the changes have been made in the Ionic core. There have been multiple UI changes, especially in iOS. There is a new API for creating custom animations, support for a lot of new designs in Ionicons, new Ionic colors have been introduced, new starter designs, improvements to component customization and more. The official Ionic 5 announcement can be found here.
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New Features
Introducing API Connector
Secure invocation of microservices through Mobile Foundation is now possible without using adapters by using API Connector. To learn more about API Connector, see here.
Node.js based odo component for Microservice integration
iFix introduces a Node.js based odo custom component. Developers can use this component to develop backend for frontend (BFF) or backend microservices that integrate with Mobile Foundation services on Red Hat OpenShift. For more information about the odo component, see here.
Key announcements
Announcing Mobile Foundation Updates in Cloud Pak for Applications V4.2
We are happy to announce new features and updates to Mobile Foundation, which is available as part of Cloud Pak for Applications V4.2. Mobile Foundation is enhanced with new features and updates. You can read about these exciting features in the Cloud Pak for Applications V 4.2 announcement.
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Mobile Foundation compatibility for Android 11 and iOS 14
Apple announced a feature-packed iOS 14 during their annual WWDC 2020 conference on 22 June, 2020 and Google focused on improved 5G support and improved privacy protection in its upcoming OS Android 11. We tested Mobile Foundation apps on iOS 14 Beta 2 and developer preview 3(DP3) of Android 11 and verified various features of Mobile Foundation on them. We have published our compatibility and support for these versions of the OS.
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