General information when developing for BlackBerry 6 and 7

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In this tutorial a general development information for the BlackBerry 6/7 environment will be presented.

Project structure

A BlackBerry application that is developed with IBM MobileFirst Platform is composed of the following components:

  • A set of JavaScript libraries that provide access to various device features and capabilities
  • Web application code that is provided by the developer, that is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and that runs in one or more instances of the browser
  • All the application components, including the web code that the developer provides, packaged into a single BlackBerry project

IBM MobileFirst Platform supports BlackBerry devices that run BlackBerry OS version 6, 7.x and 10.x.
If using a source control management system (such as Rational Team Concert™, Git, Subversion and so on), see the user documentation topic: "Integrating with source control system".


BlackBerry applications are published through BlackBerry App World.

For more information about this process, see the documentation at

Last modified on January 31, 2017