Previewing your application on iOS

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Prerequisite: Make sure to read Previewing the web resources of your application.

This tutorial covers the following topics.

Opening the Xcode project in Xcode

Note: The Eclipse IDE does not support iOS application development. Therefore, you must transfer the application to Xcode, Apple's IDE for iOS development.


If you are not using MobileFirst Studio, navigate to the application folder and open the .xcoeproj file


If you are running a Mac version of Eclipse, right-click the iPhone or iPad environment folder and select Run As > Xcode project. The MobileFirst Studio plug-in builds and deploys the application and opens the Xcode project in Xcode.

  • As an alternative, you can manually open an Xcode project from the native folder.
    If you are running a Windows™ version of Eclipse, manually compress the native folder and copy it to your Mac computer. The native folder represents a fully compatible native Xcode project.

    Previewing the application in the iOS Simulator

    After opening the generated Xcode project in Xcode, select a simulator type and click Play.


    Running the application in a physical device

    To deploy an iOS application to a real device, you must enroll to the Apple iOS Developer Program and install a provisioning profile onto Xcode and your iOS device.

    For more information, see the Apple iOS Dev Center website.

    After you have enrolled as an iOS developer and installed a profile, select the device and click Play.

  • Last modified on December 02, 2015