Previewing your application on Mobile Web and Desktop Browser

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Prerequisite: Make sure to read Previewing the web resources of your application.

This tutorial covers the following topics.

Mobile Web and Desktop Browser environment specifics

The Mobile Web and Desktop Browser environments have an additional file, worklight.manifest, which is a cache manifest file that allows you to manage and edit the contents of the application cache.


Previewing the application in the Mobile Web Simulator


From a terminal window, use the mfp console command to open MobileFirst Conosle.

MobileFirst Studio

The desktop browser web page is, in fact, a web page, and thus it is not displayed in the Mobile Browser Simulator. Instead, a new tab opens up and presents the web page.

Running the application in a physical device

To get the URL of a mobile web application:

  1. Browse to the Mobile Web Application environment in the MobileFirst Operations Console.
  2. Copy the regular or shortened URL from the pop-up window, or use the QR code.
    To provide a shortened URL, provide your account username and password in the file.
  3. Enter the shortened URL in the mobile browser of your device.


Last modified on December 02, 2015