Previewing your application on Windows 8

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Prerequisite: Make sure to read Previewing the web resources of your application.

This tutorial covers the following topics.

Opening the Visual Studio project in Visual Studio Express 2012


If you are not using MobileFirst Studio Eclipse plug-in, use Visual Studio and navigate to the application folder in order to open the project.

MobileFirst Studio

You can open a Visual Studio project from the native folder in one of the following ways:

  • Right-click the .jsproj file and select Open.
  • As an alternative, you can manually open the .jsproj file within Microsoft Visual Studio. Click Open Project on the left menu and navigate to the project folder.
  • If you are running Eclipse in Windows 8, you can also right-click the Windows 8 project file and select Run As > Visual Studio project. Visual Studio opens. missing_alt

Previewing the application in the Windows 8 Emulator

  1. In Visual Studio, make sure that Windows 8 Simulator is selected:
  2. Click the green play button (or press F5) to start your application in debug mode.
    To start your application without debug mode, press Ctrl + F5 or change Debug to Release in the dropdown list.


Running the application in a physical device

  1. Make sure that Device is selected.
  2. Make sure that your device is connected and is not in sleep mode.
  3. Click the green play button (or press F5) to start your application in debug mode.
  4. Click the transparent play button to start your application without debug mode (or press Ctrl + F5).
Last modified on December 02, 2015