Tag-based notifications in native Android applications

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Tag notifications are notification messages that are targeted to all subscribed devices to a particular tag. Tags represent topics of interest to the user and provide the ability to receive notifications according to the chosen interest.

Setting up tags

Tags are defined in application-descriptor.xml:
<nativeAndroidApp xmlns="http://www.worklight.com/native-android-descriptor" id="NativeAndroidTagNotifications" platformVersion="" version="1.0">

<pushSender key="API_KEY" senderId="PROJECT_NUMBER"/>
        <name>my tag 1</name>
        <description>About my tag 1</description>
        <name>my tag 2</name>
        <description>About my tag 2</description>

Tag-based notifications API methods

Client-side API methods:

  • WLPush.subscribeTag(tagName,options) - Subscribes the device to the specified tag name
  • WLPush.unsubscribeTag(tagName,options) - Unsubscribes the device from the specified tag name
  • WLPush.isTagSubscribed(tagName) - Returns whether the device is subscribed to a specified tag name

Common API methods for tag-based and broadcast notifications

Client-side API:

  • WLNotificationListener Defines the callback method to be notified when the notification arrives.
  • client.getPush().setWLNotificationListener(listener) This method sets the implementation class of the WLNotificationListener interface.
  • client.getPush().setOnReadyToSubscribeListener(listener) This method registers a listener to be used for push notifications. This listener should implement the onReadyToSubscribe() method.
  • The onMessage(props,payload) method of WLNotificationListener is called when a push notification is received by the device.
    • props - A JSON block that contains the notifications properties of the platform.
    • payload - A JSON block that contains other data that is sent from MobileFirst Server. The JSON block also contains the tag name for tag-based or broadcast notification. The tag name appears in the "tag" element. For broadcast notification, the default tag name is Push.ALL.

Server-side API:

This method submits a notification that is based on the specified target parameters.
  • WL.Server.sendMessage(applicationId,notificationOptions)
    • applicationId - (mandatory) The name of the MobileFirst application
    • notificationOptions - (mandatory) A JSON block containing message properties
For a full list of message properties, refer to the WL.Server.sendMessage API in the API reference of user documentation

Sample application

Before running the application, check the adapter's PushAdapter-impl.js file and verify that the WL.Server.sendMessage() method use the correct application name. The correct application name can be determined from the id attribute in application-descriptor.xml. Click to download the Studio project. Click to download the Native project.
Last modified on November 09, 2016