Android Quick Start demonstration

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The purpose of this demonstration is to experience an end-to-end flow where the MobileFirst Platform Foundation SDK for Android is integrated into an Android project and used to retrieve data using a MobileFirst adapter.

To learn more about creating projects and applications, using adapters and lots more, visit the Native Android Development landing page.

Required installed:
  • MobileFirst Platform commandline tool (download)
  • Android Studio

  1. Create a MobileFirst project and adapter

    • Create a new project and Android framework/server-side application entity
      mfp create MyProject
      cd MyProject
      mfp add api MyAndroidFramework -e android
    • Add a HTTP adapter to the project
      mfp add adapter MyAdapter -t http
  2. Deploy artifacts to the MobileFirst Server

    • Start the MobileFirst Server and deploy the server-side application entity and adapter
      mfp start
      # Wait until a browser window is opened, displaying the MobileFirst Console
      mfp deploy
  3. Create an Android project

  4. Add the MobileFirst Android SDK to the Android Studio project

    • From project-folder-location > MyProject > apps > MyAndroidFramework, copy the following files: worklight-android.jar, uicandroid.jar, bcprov.jar and android-async-http.jar
    • Open the Project view and navigate to the app\libs folder. Paste the copied files
    • Right-click on any of the added .jar files and select Add as library to add all libraries
    • Create an assets folder under src\main and paste into it the file
    • Add the following permissions to the AndroidManifest.xml file:
      <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
      <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"/>
      <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.GET_TASKS" /> 
    • Add the MobileFirst UI activity in the AndroidManifest.xml file:
      <activity android:name="com.worklight.wlclient.ui.UIActivity" />
  5. Implement MobileFirst adapter invocation

    • Main Activity class Add imports:
      import com.worklight.wlclient.api.*;
      import android.util.Log;
      Add the following to onCreate:
      final WLClient client = WLClient.createInstance(this);
      client.connect(new WLResponseListener() {
          public void onSuccess(WLResponse wlResponse) {
              URI adapterPath = new URI("/adapters/MyAdapter/getFeed");
              WLResourceRequest request = new WLResourceRequest(adapterPath,WLResourceRequest.GET);
              request.send(new MyInvokeListener());
          public void onFailure(WLFailResponse wlFailResponse) {
              Log.i("MFPMyProject","Failed connecting to the MobileFirst Server: " + wlFailResponse.getErrorMsg());
    • MyInvokeListener class Add a new MyInvokeListener class Add imports:
      import com.worklight.wlclient.api.*;
      import android.util.Log;
      Paste the following:
      public class MyInvokeListener implements WLResponseListener {
          public void onSuccess(WLResponse wlResponse) {
              Log.i("MFPMyProject","Adapter invocation response: " + wlResponse.getResponseJSON());
          public void onFailure(WLFailResponse wlFailResponse) {
              Log.i("MFPMyProject", "Adapter invocation response: " + wlFailResponse.getErrorMsg());
  6. Final configurations

    • Supply the machine's IP address for the host property in
    • Create an AVD
  7. Click Run

    Review the LogCat view for the data retrieved by the adapter request. missing_alt
Last modified on November 09, 2016