iOS Quick Start demonstration

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The purpose of this demonstration is to experience an end-to-end flow where the MobileFirst Platform Foundation SDK for iOS is integrated into a Xcode project and used to retrieve data using a MobileFirst adapter.

To learn more about creating projects and applications, using adapters and lots more, visit the Native iOS Development landing page.

Required installed:
  • MobileFirst Platform commandline tool (download)
  • Xcode 6.x

  1. Create a MobileFirst project and adapter

    • Create a new project and iOS framework/server-side application entity
      mfp create MyProject
      cd MyProject
      mfp add api MyiOSFramework -e ios
    • Add a HTTP adapter to the project
      mfp add adapter MyAdapter -t http
  2. Deploy artifacts to the MobileFirst Server

    • Start the MobileFirst Server and deploy the server-side application entity and adapter
      mfp start
      # Wait until a browser window is opened, displaying the MobileFirst Console
      mfp build
      mfp deploy
  3. Create a Xcode project

  4. Add the MobileFirst iOS SDK to the Xcode project

    • In Project explorer right-click and select Add Files to your-iOS-app-name...
      • Navigate to project-folder-location > MyProject > apps > MyiOSFramework and select worklight.plist file and the WorklightAPI folder
    • In Build Phases open Link Binary With Libraries and add:
      • libWorklightStaticLibProjectNative.a (found in WorklightAPI)
      • sqlcipher.framework (found in WorklightAPI/Frameworks)
      • SystemConfiguration.framework
      • MobileCoreServices.framework
      • CoreLocation.framework
      • Security.framework
      • libstdc++.6.dylib
      • libc++.dylib
      • libz.dylib
    • In Build Settings search for:
      • Header Search Path: add $(SRCROOT)/WorklightAPI/include
      • Other Linker Flags: add -ObjC
  5. Implement MobileFirst adapter invocation

    • AppDelegate.h Add the header:
      #import "WLResourceRequest.h"
    • AppDelegate.m Add the header:
      #import "WLResponse.h"
      Add the following to didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:
      - (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions {
          NSURL* url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"/adapters/MyAdapter/getFeed"];
          WLResourceRequest* request = [WLResourceRequest requestWithURL:url method:WLHttpMethodGet];
          [request setQueryParameterValue:@"['technology']" forName:@"params"];
          [request sendWithCompletionHandler:^(WLResponse *response, NSError *error) {
              if(error != nil){
          return YES;
  6. Final configurations

    • Supply the machine's IP address for the host property in worklight.plist
  7. Click Run

    Review the Xcode console for the data retrieved by the adapter request. missing_alt
Last modified on November 09, 2016