Debugging Adapters

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The available debugging options for adapters are:

Testing the adapter procedures


In the terminal, within your project, use $ mfp adapter call and follow the interactive menu to test an adapter. Make sure the adapter is built and deployed before you try.


It is possible to test adapter procedures by using MobileFirst Studio.
Testing a procedure is done by right-clicking an adapter folder and selecting Run As > Call MobileFirst Adapter.

Adapter sub menu

After selecting to call the adapter, you can select the procedure you wish to run. you can also enter comma-separated parameters if the selected procedure requires that.

Call Adapter window

Adapter invocation result:

Debugging Java Adapters

To debug Java adapter code, you must use Eclipse in debug mode. This required the MobileFirst Studio (you can import you CLI project if needed).

Starting debug mode

  1. Right-click a Java adapter, then select Debug As -> Debug MobileFirst Java Adapters.
  2. Optional: Open the debug perspective in MobileFirst Studio.

After you entered debug mode, you can debug the Java code normally, as you would do a standard Java application. You might need to issue a request to the adapter to make its code run and hit the breakpoints.

Stopping debug mode

  1. Open the debug perspective in MobileFirst Studio.
  2. On the Debug tab, right-click the item remote debug [Remote Java Application] -> Terminate.


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Last modified on December 02, 2015