Setting up the Windows Universal and Windows Phone 8 development environment

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Prerequisite: If you intend to use IBM MobileFirst Platform Studio or CLI to develop your application, first read the Setting up the MobileFirst development environment tutorial.

Before you start to develop, deploy, and test your Windows Universal and Windows Phone Sliverlight 8 applications, an additional step is required for setting up the Windows and Windows Phone 8 development environment. This includes installing Visual Studio 2013.

Windows Universal and Windows Phone 8 development tools

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE), which you can use to develop applications for either the Windows Universal or Windows Phone 8 platform.

Note: To create Windows 8 Universal applications , you must have a computer that runs Windows 8.1 OS.

To download Visual Studio Express (2013 or greater) or Community Edition for Windows Phone, visit the Microsoft Visual Studio download website.

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Last modified on November 30, 2015