System Requirements

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System requirements for IBM Digital App Builder includes operating system, other software and access credentials.

  • Supported development platform:

    • MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra or above)
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 Home
    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Software requirements (Prerequisites) for using the Digital App Builder:

    • Node Package Manager (npm) (Node.js 10.x)
    • Cordova 9.0.0
    • Ionic 4.12.0
    • CocoaPods (MacOS only)
    • Android Studio 2.x.x or above (To preview the app on Android emulator)
    • A Mobile Foundation Server
  • Prerequisites for running the app on device or emulator/simulator:

    • Android Studio (To preview the app on Android emulator)
      • For Installation instructions, refer here
      • For Configurating an Android Virtual Machine. Follow the instructions here.
    • Android WebView version 68.X.XXXX.XX or above.
    • Chrome (To preview web platform)
    • Xcode (To preview the app on iOS simulator). For MacOS only, download and install XCode from Apple App Store to preview the app.
  • Other requirements

Inclusive terminology note: The Mobile First Platform team is making changes to support the IBM® initiative to replace racially biased and other discriminatory language in our code and content with more inclusive language. While IBM values the use of inclusive language, terms that are outside of IBM's direct influence are sometimes required for the sake of maintaining user understanding. As other industry leaders join IBM in embracing the use of inclusive language, IBM will continue to update the documentation to reflect those changes.
Last modified on September 13, 2019