Troubleshooting Analytics Receiver

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Find information to help resolve issues that you might encounter when you use the MobileFirst Analytics Receiver.

Mobile application failed to transmit data to MobileFirst Analytics Receiver

Check the following possibilities.

  • Verify that your MobileFirst Server points to the right values of MobileFirst Analytics Receiver. Ensure that is pointing to the MobileFirst Analytics Receiver specific rest endpoint (http://hostip:port/analytics-receiver/rest).
  • Also, make sure that the endpoint url contains a fully qualified hostname. Otherwise, mobile application will fail to communicate with MobileFirst Analytics Receiver and is expected to throw following error.
    External network Access failed. Response: WLResponse [invocationContext=null, responseText=, status=-1] WLFailResponse [errorMsg=Unable to resolve host "*****": No address associated with hostname, errorCode=UNEXPECTED_ERROR]
  • Registering an app with MobileFirst Server to get back MobileFirst Analytics Receiver specific REST URL and credentials. So try to uninstall the app and install and register the app with MobileFirst Server to get the MobileFirst Analytics Receiver specific details. Check whether client logs are successfully transmitted through the MobileFirst Analytics Receiver.
  • Verify that the confidential client for Analytics Receiver service is registered. Make sure that the server's JNDI properties are set correctly for the Mobile Foundation Admin service so that confidential clients are registered automatically. Following is an example.
    <jndiEntry jndiName="mfpadmin/" value='"receiver"'/>
    <jndiEntry jndiName="mfpadmin/mfp.receiver.authorization.client.secret" value='"reviecer"'/>
  • Also make sure Analytics Receiver service contains following oauth configurations in order to authenticate the client. Following is an example.
    <jndiEntry jndiName="receiver/receiver.authorization.server.url" value='"http://localhost:9080/mfp/api"'/>
    <jndiEntry jndiName="receiver/" value='"receiver"'/>
    <jndiEntry jndiName="receiver/receiver.authorization.client.secret" value='"reviecer"'/>
Last modified on July 20, 2020