What's new in Interim Fixes

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Interim fixes provide patches and updates to correct problems and keep IBM Mobile Foundation current for new releases of mobile operating systems.

Interim fixes are cumulative. When you download the latest v8.0 interim fix, you get all of the fixes from earlier interim fixes.

Download and install the latest interim fix to obtain all of the fixes that are described in the following sections. If you install earlier fixes, you might not get all of the fixes described here.

For a list of iFix releases of Mobile Foundation 8.0, see these blog posts.

Where an APAR number is listed, you can confirm that an interim fix has that feature by searching the interim fix README file for that APAR number.


PVU licensing

A new offering, Mobile Foundation Extension V8.0.0, is available through PVU (processor value unit) licensing. For more information on PVU licensing for Mobile Foundation Extension, see Licensing MobileFirst.

Web applications

Registering web applications from the MobileFirst CLI (APAR PI65327)

You can now register client web applications to MobileFirst Server by using the MobileFirst CLI (mfpdev) as an alternative to registration from the MobileFirst Operations Console. For more information, see Registering web applications from the MobileFirst CLI.

Cordova applications

Opening the native IDE for a Cordova project from Eclipse with the Studio plug-in

With the Studio plug-in installed in your Eclipse IDE, you can open an existing Cordova project in Android Studio or Xcode from the Eclipse interface to build and run the project.

Added projectName directory as an option when you use the Migration Assistance tool

You can specify a name for your Cordova project directory when you migrate projects with the migration assistance tool. If you do not provide a name, the default name is app_name-app_id-version.

Usability improvements to the Migration Assistance tool

Made the following changes to improve the usability of the Migration Assistance tool:

  • The Migration Assistance tool scans HTML files and JavaScript files.
  • The scan report opens in your default browser automatically after the scan is finished.
  • The –out flag is optional. The working directory is used if it is not specified.
  • When the –out flag is specified and the directory does not exist, the directory is created.


Added mfpdev push and pull commands for Java and JavaScript adapter configurations

You can use MobileFirst CLI to push Java and JavaScript adapter configurations to the MobileFirst Server and pull adapter configurations from the MobileFirst Server.

Application Center

Cordova based application center client is now available for iOS and Android.

Last modified on November 10, 2017