Server-side API Reference

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MobileFirst Server provides a set of mobile capabilities with the use of client/server integration and communication between mobile applications and back-end systems.

Adapter library

You can use the adapter library to connect to various back-end systems, such as web services, databases, and messaging applications. For example, IBM Mobile Foundation provides Java and JavaScript adapters for HTTP, SQL and JX-RS-based Java adapters. For more information about developing adapters, see Developing Adapters.

Security libraries

You can use the security libraries to develop security checks and adapters that use the security context. The libraries provide the required interfaces for adapters and security checks to gain access to the security context. For more information about the MobileFirst security framework, see MobileFirst security framework.

API Reference

JavaScript server-side API

Review the JavaScript server-side API set

Java server-side API

Review the Java server-side API set

Nodejs odo server-side API

Review the Nodejs odo server-side API set

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Last modified on July 02, 2020