Getting Started

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You can launch the Digital App Builder from:

  • In MacOS, double click the IBM Digital App Builder icon to open the Digital App Builder.
  • In Windows, launch the Digital App Builder by selecting Start > Programs > IBM Digital App Builder.

Note: If you are opening the Digital App Builder for the first time, Accept the License to use IBM Digital App Builder in the flash screen to proceed further. After accepting the license agreement, the Prerequisites Check runs automatically for the first time. Click OK to proceed, if no errors found otherwise fix the errors and then restart the Digital App Builder.

IBM Digital App Builder

You can Create new app or Open an app or use the available Templates to further build your app.

Note: You can see your recently created app under Recent section. For new installation, you will not be seeing the Recent section.

Create new app

You can create a new app by clicking Create new app icon from the Builder dashboard.

  1. Click Create new app icon. This will display the Select Channel window.

    Select Channel

  2. Select the channel for which you want to develop the app, by clicking the respective icon. You can later add more channels to the same app.

    • Android: Select this option if you are creating an android app.
    • iOS: Select this option if you are creating an iOS app.

      Note: You can build and run the iOS apps only on MacOS.

    • Web: Select this option if you are creating the app for the Web.
    • PWA: Select this option if you are creating a Progressive Web App.
  3. The Select type of server to connect to window is displayed.

    Select type of server

  4. You can select a Shared Playground Server or a Custom Professional Server.

    • Shared Playground Server – a shared Mobile Foundation server hosted on IBM Cloud to get you started quickly.

      Warning: The Shared Playground Server is a common server that is shared between many developers. This server should not be used for production apps. The data in this server can be deleted without notice. The server uptime is not guaranteed.

      IBM Shared Server

    • Custom Professional Server – You can connect to your own Mobile Foundation server either created on IBM Cloud or local. In the Configure IBM Mobile Foundation instance window you can either select an existing server or create a new server.

      Note: To easily get an instance of Mobile Foundation Server, you can provision it on IBM Cloud. You can refer to the documentation on how to provision and use the Mobile Foundation Server on IBM Cloud here.

      Configure IBM Mobile Foundation instance

      The Configure IBM Mobile Foundation instance window displays the list of Mobile Foundation server instances you have defined previously. On selecting the server, the Server name, Server URL, Admin username, Admin password, is displayed. To define a new server, you can click Create new server link. This will display the new Configure IBM Mobile Foundation instance window.

      Create New Server

      • Enter the new IBM Mobile Foundation instance details, like Server name, Server URL, Admin username, Admin password.

        Note: You can get the server url and login credentials from the Mobile Foundation server dashboard for the selected server instance.

      • Optionally, provide a Username (Confidential client username) and Admin password, for previewing the data in the Data viewer.
      • Click Connect.
  5. On successful login/connect, the Create App window is displayed where you can select an existing app definition that you may have created or create a new one by entering the details.

    • For a new app provide: Name of the application, Location where the project files will be stored, Project/Bundle Id, and Version of the application.

      Shared Playground Server

    • Click Create to create the application. This displays the Welcome to Workbench window.
    • Click Let’s Start. This opens the Digital App Builder workspace for creating a new application/modifying an existing application.

      DAB workspace

Open an existing app

Note: You can open an existing app developed using the Digital App Builder only.

You can open an existing app in one of the following ways:

  • Click Open an app from the home page opens the file explorer. Navigate to your app project folder and click OK to open the app for further edits.
  • Optionally you can open the app from the Recent app list, if listed, by double clicking the app name.

Using templates

You can use templates to quickly build your application. These are specific feature enabled app templates that will help you to quickly modify and develop the app. Only Watson chatbot available as of now.

Last modified on June 20, 2019